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Mustad Elite Shad Darter Jig Heads

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Mustad Elite Shad Darter Jig Heads are extremely effective when paired with today's popular soft plastics. Put a Gulp!, Bass Assassin or other soft plastic on the back and get ready to catch some fish! These forged jig heads have a slim profile so they can easily pass through cover. The 3D eyes and facial cutouts give them a very realistic appearance in the water. The main feature is the thick Mustad Ultra Point 2X strong black nickel hook that won't bend when you hook into a fish with some size. They are incredibly sharp! Fish Mustad Elite Shad Darter Jig Heads vertically or cast them out. Either way, they are an extremely effective way of making a realistic presentation to striped bass or other saltwater or freshwater species.

Mustad Elite Shad Darter Jig Heads come two or three to a pack, depending on the jig head size. Choose from pearl and plain fleck.

Models: SD824-1/8, SD824-3/16, SD824-3/8, SD824-1/4, SD824-1/2, SD824-3/4