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Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon

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A Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon is a great adult bunker imitation! If you're fishing down deep for striped bass, this is the spoon to use. Use big sweeps with the rod to get the proper motion. You will catch the fish on the rise or on the fall. This version of the flutter spoon is outfitted with heavy duty hardware. A strong 5/0 VMC treble hooks and Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings will ensure this spoon can handle big fish! If you love targeting trophy striped bass, try fishing a Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon. They have proven to be very effective in New York and New Jersey waters. You're going to be very happy you had one on your boat!

Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoons are 8" or 9" in length and are available in five great colors. Choose from Chartreuse, Silver Chrome, Shattered Glass Gold, Shattered Glass Silver and Snow. They all bring fish to the boat!

Models: 8FS16-35SW, 8FS1-35SW, 8FS3-35SW, 8FS2-35SW, 8FS5-35SW


Color - Chartreuse

Length - 8"

Weight (oz) - 3 1/2

Type - Metal Spoon

Range (ft) - Unlimited