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Soft Plastics

No Live Bait Needed NLBN Paddle Tail

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No Live Bait Needed NLBN Paddle Tails have become one of the most coveted swimbaits on the market. Do they work? Of course they work! They've been thoroughly tested and deliver the results your looking for. The quality they put into their baits is great. With so many soft plastics on the market to choose from, NLBN is a step above of your average bait. These paddle tail swimbaits have a thicker profile and is specifically designed to handle heavy currents without being overpowered. Its unique ability to be "slow rolled" on a jig head during slack tide provides the perfect kicking action for the ultimate fishing experience. Snook and striped bass anglers swear by NLBN Paddle Tails because they are extremely effective! Whether you fish them from the boat, kayak or beach, these baits will entice hungry fish to hit them. Buy a pack and see what everyone if talking about!

No Live Bait Needed NLBN Paddle Tails are available in 3", 5" and 8" versions. While the smaller models have a traditional paddle tail the 8" incorporates a square boot that will keep thumping during slow retrieves in heavy current. When it comes to color, NLBN Paddle Tails come in a variety of natural, bright, and dark colors with iridescent additives, making it versatile for use in both clear and dirty waters, day or night. 3" are available in Dark Mud Minnow, Green Back, Hell Yeah Butter and Twisted T. 5" and 8" models are available in Green Back, Hell Yeah Butter, Limeslider, Mullet Run and Purple Haze. With a realistic flash, this swimbait will surely catch the attention of the biggest fish.

Models: 3PT, 5PT, 8PT


Color - Twister T

Size (in.) - 3"

Pieces - 5

Hook - None