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Soft Plastics

No Live Bait Needed NLBN Straight Tail

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So you've probbaly heard of No Live Bait Needed NLBN Paddle Tails. Well, have you heard of the NLBN Straight Tails? Same great bait but with a forked straight tail instead. NLBN is all about quality and it show in their baits. This is no typical soft plastic swimbait. It's a terrific bait that can be jigged or trolled. It's thick profile will cause nearby striped bass, snook, tarpon or redfish to pounce on it. It is very effective in a wide variety of applications. Try it from a kayak, boat or even on the surf. If you love fishing soft plastics and want to add something new to your arsenal, make it a No Live Bait Needed NLBN Straight Tail. Perfect for inshore fishing!

No Live Bait Needed NLBN Straight Tails are available in 8" versions. Choose from five amazing colors - Green Back, Hell Yeah Butter, Limeslider, Mullet Run and Purple Haze. You will catch fish with these swimbaits!

Models: 8ST


Color - Limesider

Size (in.) - 8"

Pieces - 2

Hook - None