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Nomad Design Dartwing

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The Nomad Design Dartwing looks as good as it performs! This slender pencil popper perfectly mimics a baitfish skipping across the surface of the water. It's unique wing shaped head causes it to dart erratically from side to side like it's wounded. This is a versatile lure that can be fished in many different ways to give different presentations. Try changing your retrieve speed as well as adding a twitch. Like all Nomad lures, the Dartwing was built to be tough. It features an HD ABS body, Gorilla through wire construction and super sharp BBK treble hooks that will lead to more hookups. If you're looking to try something special to your arsenal, add a Nomad Design Dartwing. This is a proven lure in Australia that is definitely going to give you the results you are looking for! They have a wide variaety for sizes for anything from trout all the way up to tuna.

Nomad Design Dartwings are available in several sizes and color. They start at 2 3/4" which weighs 1/4 oz and go all the way up to 8.5" weighing 3 1/2 ozs. They cast great! Choose from Holo Ghost Shad, Holographic Purple Shrimp, Saddleback Shrimp, Sardine, Silver Green Mackerel and Ghost green bandit. These lures float.

Models: DW70, DW130, DW165, DW220


Color - White Glow

Length - 6.5"

Weight (oz) - 1.3

Type - Floating Popper

Hook Size - 1/0 BKK Inline