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Nomad Design Streaker Jigs

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Nomad Design Streaker Jigs are perfect for your next deep water tuna trip. These slim profile jigs are made to get down deep quickly. They have an extremely erratic action when you retrieve them that draws nearby predators in to feed. Nomad Design Streaker Jigs are meant to be used when targeting fish that are midwater. Their profile makes it so they get down quickly and you jig them through the middle of the water column. They come equipped with a super sharp assist hook and the finishes are top notch. Choose from holographic and glow patterns. These have been super hot in the North East for tuna this season. If you're vertical jigging and want to give a different look, try fishing a Nomad Design Streaker Jig. They produce results when others won't. 

Nomad Design Streaker Jigs are available in 40g, 60g, 80g, 120g, 160g and 200g sizes. Choose from five proven colors. Chartreuse Glow White, Full Glow Pink, Sandeel, Sardine and Silver Glow Stripe.

Models: STRK-40, STRK-60, STRK-80, STRK-120, STRK-120, STRK-200