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Nomad Design Gypsy Jigs

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Nomad Design Gypsy Jigs work for catching a wide variety of fish from seabass to tuna. These jigs have a teardrop shape that has been very effective over the past few years with anglers who enjoy vertical jigging. This shape gives a flutter action on the fall and an erratic action on the lift that hungry predators can't resist! Nomad Design Gypsy Jigs have really nice finishes with an eye on it. They come equipped with a super sharp 5X BKK assist hook that will produce solid hookups. These jigs can be retrieved quickly or fish them slow pitch style. If you're looking to catch more fish and you like vertical jigging, buy a few Nomad Design Gypsy Jigs. These are a staple in Australia and the will work great all around the US.

Nomad Design Gypsy Jigs are available in 60g, 80g, 120g and 200g sizes. Choose from four great colors. Chartreuse Glow White, Full Glow Pink, Sardine and Silver Glow Stripe.

Models: GYP-60, GYP-80, GYP-120, GYP-200