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Nomad Design Madmacs

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You probably already know this but Nomad Madmacs are extremely popular for high speed trolling for wahoo. Unbelievably popular! Designed in Australia they feature an internal plate and a hard exterior that is well built and durable. They are outfitted with super sharp BKK single hooks on the middle and back of the lure. You can troll these sinking lures at up to 20 knots and they will still swim true. They do a great job of mimicking the baitfish that wahoo feed on. If you live to troll offshore, add a Nomad Madmac to your arsenal. They work great!

Nomad Design Madmacs are available in 8" and weigh 11 1/4 ozs. Choose from Pink Mackerel, Phantom, Sardine and Spanish Mackerel. 

Models: MADMACS200


Color - Pink Mackerel

Length - 6"

Weight (oz) - 6 oz

Type - Trolling Lure

Hook Size - 5/0

Depth - 5'-12'