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Nomad Design Madscad

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The Nomad Design Madscad is a sinking stickbait that is designed to replicate a full bodied baitfish. The Madscad was designed in Australia and is built to take all the punishment big pelagic species can dish out. It is constructed of HD ABS plastic that is foam filled. It has Matrix Metal Plate System thru-wire construction, heavy duty split rings and sharp BKK hooks. Retrieve the Madscad with long sweeps of the rod for a natural swimming action or twitch it like you would a topwater bait and it will dart back and forth like an injured baitfish. The 190mm Madscad can be trolled at speeds up of to 15 knots and tuna and wahoo can't resist. It's the perfect lure to keep in the water when you are moving between spots because you can still be fishing during what would normally be downtime. Add a Nomad Design Madscad to your offshore arsenal and you will catch more fish!

Nomad Design Mavericks are available in the 150mm size, which weighs 2 1/2 oz and the 190mm which weighs 5 1/2 ozs. They are available in several proven colors. They sink.



Color - Fusilier

Length - 3 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 3/4

Type - Sinking Stickbait