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Nomad Design Maverick

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The Nomad Design Maverick is the unique combination of a popper and a stickbait. It is a versatile lure that can be fished in many different ways and changes action with retrieve speed. Fish it like a popper, or in a walk the dog style. It features a cupped head with internal air chambers that pass through the sides of the lure. This causes a great commotion in the water as well as bubble trails that create a rolling swimming action that mimics a wounded baitfish. The Maverick is a tough lure that has been outfitted with strong BKK hooks that will lead to solid hook sets. The Gorilla Trough Wire construction insures that this lure will handle small and big fish alike. While it was designed for tuna, kingfish, GTs and other bluewater species, there is no reason why striped bass won't attack it from the boat or the beach. If you'd like to add a proven lure to your arsenal, definitely pick up a Nomad Design Maverick. They are great!

Nomad Design Mavericks are available in 68mm which weighs 1/5 oz. The 140mm weighs 1.4 ozs and the 230mm Calm weighs 4 1/2 ozs. They are available in several excellent colors including Bleeding Mullet, Mack Tuna, Pink Mackerel, Sardine, Spanish Mackerel, Coleman Shrimp, Holo Ghost Shad, Glow Gold and Saddleback Shrimp. These lures float.

Models: MAV68, MAV140F, MAVC-P-230


Color - Gold Glow

Length - 2 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 1/5

Type - Popper/Stickbait

Hook Size - 1X BKK Treble