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Nomad Design Pandora Braid

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Nomad Design Pandora Braid is terrific fishing line! Nomad is based out of Australia where they have an incredible array of powerful fish. The idea for Pandora Braid was born there and was then fully tested in the roughest conditions. The results is a braid that is incredibly abrasion resistant. There is nothing worse than having your line break when you are hooked into a big fish! Nomad Design Pandora Braid was designed to reduce that fear. It is an eight weave braid constructed of high quality Japanese PE fibers. It is a really soft and supple line that will deliver on performance. Nomad has given it a Hydroslick coating making it very smooth and delivering those long casts. The most eye-catching feature of Nomad Design Pandora Braid is the color. It is metered so it changes color every ten meters making it perfect for jigging. If you like high quality braided fishing line, spool your favorite reel with Nomad Design Pandora Braid!
Nomad Design Pandora Braid is available in sizes from 10-80 lb test in 300 yard spools. We also have it in bulk so come into the shop and get your reel spooled up!

Models: PD10-300, PD15-300, PD20-300, PD30-300, PD40-300, PD50-300, PD65-300, PD80-300


Color - Multi

Lb Test - 10

Diameter (in.) - .006

Approximate Mono Equivalent (lb) - 2

Length (yds) - 300