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Nomad Design Ridgeback Micro Jigs

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Prepare to revolutionize your saltwater fishing experience with Nomad Design Ridgeback Micro Jigs – the ultimate companions for anglers seeking to conquer the depths and entice ferocious strikes from predatory species. Engineered with precision and crafted for performance, these jigs boast a sleek profile, innovative design, and cutting-edge technology to ensure unmatched versatility and effectiveness in a variety of fishing scenarios. From their long casting capabilities to their enticing fluttering action, Ridgeback Micro Jigs are destined to become essential tools in the arsenal of any discerning angler.

Extended Casting Distance for Maximum Coverage:

Nomad Design Ridgeback Micro Jigs are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional casting performance, allowing anglers to reach distant fish-holding structures with ease. Featuring an aerodynamic profile and weight distribution, these jigs offer unparalleled stability and control during the cast, resulting in extended flight distances and precise lure placement. Whether targeting fish on the surface or probing deepwater structures, Ridgeback Micro Jigs enable anglers to cover more water and maximize their chances of success with every cast.

Dynamic Fluttering Action for Irresistible Attraction:

Equipped with a unique ridgeback design and a lifelike fluttering action, Nomad Design Ridgeback Micro Jigs possess an irresistible allure that triggers aggressive strikes from predatory species. As they descend through the water column, these jigs exhibit a naturalistic swimming motion that closely resembles the erratic movements of injured baitfish, enticing nearby predators to strike with reckless abandon. Whether retrieved at a steady pace or jigged with erratic twitches, Ridgeback Micro Jigs maintain their enticing action, ensuring consistent performance and enhanced hook-up rates in any fishing situation.

Versatile Weight Options for Adaptive Fishing Tactics:

Available in a range of weights, Nomad Design Ridgeback Micro Jigs offer anglers the flexibility to adapt their fishing tactics to suit prevailing conditions and target species. From the lightweight 60g (2oz) model to the heavier 120g (4oz) version, these jigs are suitable for a variety of fishing applications, including inshore and offshore jigging, vertical jigging over deepwater structures, and casting to surface-feeding predators. Whether pursuing pelagic species in open water or bottom-dwelling predators on the reef, Ridgeback Micro Jigs provide anglers with the versatility and adaptability needed to achieve fishing success in any environment.

Elevate your saltwater fishing adventures with Nomad Design Ridgeback Micro Jigs as your trusted allies for targeting a wide range of predatory species in coastal and offshore waters. With their extended casting distance, dynamic fluttering action, and versatile weight options, these jigs empower anglers to explore new fishing grounds, outsmart elusive predators, and experience the thrill of battle with every hook-up. Whether chasing pelagic predators in the open ocean or probing deepwater structures for bottom-dwelling species, Ridgeback Micro Jigs are guaranteed to enhance your fishing experience and deliver memorable catches that will last a lifetime.


Color - Full Glow Pink

Length - 4"

Weight (oz) - 60g / 2.1oz

Type - Slow Pitch Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited