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Nomad Design Squidtrex Jigs

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Nomad Design Squidtrex has captivated the fishing community like few other new lures have! Nomad took the popular vibe lures and applied the same principals to a squid shaped bait. Nomad Design Squidtrex are constructed of TPE that gives it a very natural movement in the water. The vibrating motion of the lure is what gets fish to strike. It features wire-through construction and sharp twin assist hooks. There is even a second connection at the bottom of the lure where you can attach a stinger. If you like fishing squid shaped baits this is going to be the best in class.

Nomad Design Squidtrex are available in several sizes. Choose from four great colors. White Glow, Brown Speckle, Tiger and Pink Tiger. Due to its TPE construction you do not want to mix this lure with non-TPE soft plastics or even TPE products from other brands. They will melt together in your tackle box. make sure you have separate storage for these. 



Color - Aqua Ghost

Size - 85

Length - 3 1/3"

Weight (oz) - 3/4

Type - Vertical Jig

Range (ft) - Up to 80ft