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Nomad Design Vertrex Max

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Nomad Design Vertrex Max Vibe brings vibing to the United States. The Vertrex Max is a bait that vibrates as it moves through the water. It is designed to stay level while sinking and will not spin. This gets you to the bottom faster where the fish are. Jig it like you would a bucktail and it gives off a lot of vibration to attract nearby fish. They are also castable and work well at both slow and fast retrieves. Play around with it to see what works best for you. Nomad Design Vertrex Max Vibe is a soft bait over a hard body. It features though wire construction and Nomad has outfitted them with strong BKK hooks. The 110 has BKK Viper 41 Trebles while the 130 and 150 feature BKK Inline Single Hooks. They are incredibly sharp and will lead to solid hookups. If you're looking for a new lure, try a Nomad Design Vertrex Max Vibe.  

Nomad Design Vertrex Max Vibes are available in three sizes. Choose from 110, 130 and 150 sizes. They come in bunker, holo ghost shad, sardine, white glow and silver green mackerel. 

Models: VMAX110, VMAX130US, VMAX150US


Color - White Glow

Length - 3 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 4/5

Type - Vibe

Hook Size - #6 4X BKK Treble

Depth - 80ft