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Otter Straight Tails

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Otter Straight Tails work great as trailers on bucktails, rigs and jigs. Designed by Captain Bruce, Otter Straight Tails are constructed of a durable synthetic material and are infused with squid and fish oils with a UV enhancer. With their straight tail design, they disrupt the water and entice hungry fish to strike! Otter Straight Tails are a great alternative to 70-S pork rind. They will not dry out and are reusable. As a trailer on the back of your bucktail, jig or rig, Otter Straight Tails are a great way to go!

Otter Straight Tails are available in five great colors. They are 5 1/4" x 3/4". Another great feature of these trailers are that they can be cut down to whatever size you like with a pair of scissors. Made in the USA! No otters were hurt in the making of these trailers.



Color - Red

Length - 5 1/4"

Width - 3/4"

Type - Strip

Pieces - 8 Baits