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Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer

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The Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer with Twistlock is your go-to hook for rigging swimbaits and other soft plastics. The Flashy Swimmer features a curved weight that acts as a keel and will ensure that your bait swims horizontally through the water. It gives you a lot of control and you can cover a lot of water. On the back is a spinner bait that will help attract hungry fish. The Owner Beast Flashy Hook is built on a 2X strong, Super Needle Point hook with a Twistlock centering pin spring to keep your bait in place. Your bait will stay straight and you won't sacrifice swimming action. It is extremely versatile. Try it with a wide variety of soft plastics at different retrieval speeds. If you're looking to try something different that has proven results, grab yourself a pack of Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer Hooks. 

Owner Beast Flashy Swimmer Hooks are available in 8/0 (3/8 oz), 10/0 (1/2 oz) and 12/0 (3/4 oz) sizes. They are black chrome.

Models: 5164-068, 5164-080, 5164-122


Hook Size - 8/0

Style - 3/8 oz Weighted

Pieces - 2

Hook Color - Black