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Owner Dancing Stinger Hooks

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Owner Dancing Stinger Hooks will take any jig to the next level! Attach one of these super sharp hooks to the top of your jig and it eliminates a fishes ability to leverage a hook out of their mouth. The Technora loop is extremely strong, yet flexible. Combine this with stainless steel Super Needle Point hooks and your hookup ratio will go up. If you're fishing for big pelagics and want the best chance of landing that trophy fish, put an Owner Dancing Stinger Hook on the end of your jig. You won't be disappointed!

Owner Dancing Stinger Hooks are available in several sizes. You can choose a length and a hook size. The short ones are 1 7/8" in length. Medium are 2 1/4" in length. Long are 2 3/4" in length. The 2/0 hooks are rated 110 lb test. The 3/0 are 140 lb test. The 5/0 are 180 lb test and the 7/0 hooks are rated 240 lb test. Choose the one that's best for your application. Hooks are tin color. 

Models: 5284S-129, 5284S-139, 5284M-139, 5284M-159, 5284M-179, 5284L-159, 5284L-179


Hook Size - 2/0 Short

Style - Assist Hook

Pieces - 3

Hook Color - Tin