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Owner Single Replacement Hooks

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So you're in the mood to switch the treble hooks on your lures to in line hooks? Why not try an Owner Single Replacement Hook? These 3X strong in line hooks are constructed of Zo-Wire, a thin diameter high carbon steel that has incredible strength! They are less bulky than other hooks and will cause less drag in the water. They feature sticky Super Needle Points that will lead to more hook ups and will stay sharp for a very long time. Another benefit of fishing these hooks is that they are much more friendly when practicing catch and release. If you're looking to take your plugs to the next level, switch out those trebles for Owner Single Replacement Hooks. They are terrific!

Owner Single Replacement Hooks are tin colored. They are made in Japan.

Models: 4102-119, 4102-129, 4102-139, 4102-149, 4102-159, 4102-179


Hook Size - 1/0 - 6 Pack

Style - 3X In Line

Pieces - 6

Hook Color - Tin