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Owner SSW Circle Hooks

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Owner SSW Circle Hooks are perfect for a wide range of fishing styles and species. These saltwater hooks are constructed of steel and feature a black chrome finish for great corrosion resistance. They have an up eye which is ideal for snelling, a wide gap and an all purpose shank. The Hangnail point is super sharp and will result in clean hook ups. Owner SSW Circle Hooks are slightly offset. Use them when fishing for striped bass, seabass, drum, sailfish and more!

Owner SSW Circle Hooks are black in color. You will love fishing these hooks!

Models: 5178-141-4/0, 5178-151-5/0, 5178-161-6/0, 5178-171-7/0, 5178-181-8/0, 5178-191-9/0, 5178-201-10/0


Hook Size - 4/0 - 7 pack

Style - Circle Hook

Pieces - 7

Hook Color - Black