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Owner ST-76 5X Treble Hooks

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Owner ST-76 5X Treble Hooks are crazy strong! These trebles are full on beast mode! Designed for putting on the back of big game lures like large poppers, the ST-76 is the most overbuilt trebel on the market. It can handle the largest fish that roam the oceans! Owner ST-76 5X Treble Hooks feature short shanks, super sharp hook points and a tin exterior. If you're looking for a super strong treble hook to take your big game fishing to the next level, get yourself a pack of Owner ST-76 5X Treble Hooks!

Owner ST-76 5X Treble Hooks are tin in color. They are available in sizes 3/0-5/0. They are designed in Japan.

Models: 5676-139-3/0, 5676-149-4/0, 5676-159-5/0


Hook Size - 4/0 - 5 Pack

Style - Treble Hook

Pieces - 5

Hook Color - Tin