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Owner STX-38 Stinger Treble Hooks

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Owner STX-38 Stinger Treble Hooks are extremely sharp! These are the perfect replacement trebles for your Onetens and other jerkbaits. Owner STX-38 are constructed of Zo-Wire, a thin diameter high carbon steel that has incredible strength! You get a significantly stronger hook in a thin package. The sticky Super Needle Points will lead to more hook ups and will keep their edge over time. Anglers love fishing Owner STX-38 Stinger Treble Hooks because they are extremely reliable and get the job done. Buy a few packs and start swapping out the hooks on your lures. You'll get better results in the long run.

Owner Single Replacement Hooks are gray colored. They are made in Japan.

Models: 5638-055, 5638-065


Hook Size - 5 - 7 Pack

Style - X+ Treble

Pieces - 7

Hook Color - Carbon Steel