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Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks

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Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks ensure strong hookups when fishing for tuna, swordfish and other pelagic species. These large gauge hooks are extra strong and feature Super Needle Point tips that are incredibly sharp and a welded eye. The "hangnail" style offset forged point leads to hookups in the jaw, rather than being swallowed. Use Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks when fishing with big chunks or large live baits. Owner has coated the Super Mutu with a special corrosion resistant black chrome finish so these hooks will last a very long time! You can't go wrong with the Super Mutu!

Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks are black in color. They are amazing hooks!

Models: 5127-151-5/0, 5127-171-7/0, 5127-181-8/0, 5127-191-9/0, 5127-201-10/0, 5127-211-11/0


Hook Size - 5/0 - 5 Pack

Style - Circle Hook

Pieces - 5

Hook Color - Black