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Owner Weighted Beast Hook With Twistlock

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Owner Weighted Beast Hooks with Twistlock are designed for fishing large soft plastics. These super sharp hooks feature a wide gap design with a weight built into the hook. The weight is positioned beneath the bait and acts like a keel to keep the swimming action intact, at all depths. Unlike a nail weight that you insert directly into the bait, this weight does not alter the swimming action. Owner Weighted Beast Hooks with Twistlock feature a centering pin spring that you insert into the nose of the bait, keeping it secure and perfectly lined up. These high-carbon steel hooks are xxx-strong. If you're fishing with soft plastics and need to get the bait down without sacrificing on presentation, get yourself some Owner Weighted Beast Hooks with Twistlock. The design is weedless.

Owner Weighted Beast Hooks with Twistlock are available in 6/0 1/4 oz, and 10/0 3/2 oz. They are black.

Models: 5130W-046, 5130W-080