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P-Line Rod Strap

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Sometimes it's the easy things we don't think about. The P-Line Rod Strap is perfect for securing rods together for transportation and storage but it's often overlooked. Something as simple as a stretchy piece of neoprene with a Velcro closure can just slip the mind but it shouldn't. A rod strap is just another part of fishing. It might not be the most glamorous but it does make your life easier and those products are some of my favorite. If you have as many fishing rods as I think you do and you want to either transport them or store them in a neat way, buy a P-Line Rod Strap. There not expensive and they get the job doen.

P-Line Rod Straps are blue and are available in 12" models. They come two to a pack and work great!

Models: PLRS12


Color - Blue

Size - 12"