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Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rods

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Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rods are designed to handle big inshore fish. Harnessing the latest innovations in fishing rod manufacturing, Phenix blends high-modulus graphite with carbon fiber to create a blank that is extremely lightweight, powerful and sensitive. They add in high quality components from Fuji and Alps, along with comfortable fore and rear grips to produce a really awesome spinning rod! Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rods are perfect for inshore and nearshore fishing, especially for powerful fish. If you want a lightweight rod that you'll catch a ton of fish with, all with a big smile on your face, then a Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rods is the way to go! Whether you're fishing on the West Coast, East Coast, or in the Gulf, there is a Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rods for you!

Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rods are dark gray and black. Models are technique specific and have different guides, and grips. They all have Fuji DPS real seats.

Models: PSW-700XL - Spinning, PSW-700ML - Spinning, PSW-700M - Spinning, PSW-700H - Spinning, PSW-760XL - Spinning, PSW-760ML - Spinning, PSW-760M - Spinning, PSW-760H - Spinning, PSW-805XL - Spinning, PSW-806L - Spinning, PSW-807ML - Spinning, PSW-808MH - Spinning, PSW-809H - Spinning, PSW-869H - Spinning


Color - Gray

Length - 7'

Power - H

Action - Mod. Fast

Pieces - 1

Line Rating Mono (lbs) - 20-60

Guide Type - Fuji Alconite Guides

Reel Seat Manufacturer - Fuji

Number of Guides - 7 + tip

Foregrip Material - Hypalon and X-Wrap

Foregrip Length (in) - 8 1/2"

Reel Seat Type - Fuji DPS Reel Seat

Reargrip Length (in) - 14"

Reargrip Material - Hypalon and X-Wrap

Gimbal - No