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Jigging Casting Rods

Phenix Titan Slow Jigging Casting Rods

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Phenix Titan Slow Jigging Casting Rods are the future of inshore and nearshore fishing. Featuring models for Slow Pitch jigging and Long Fall jigging techniques, these rods are amazing! As soon as you hold one in your hands you will realize how light and powerful they are. Those two terms get thrown around a lot, but the Titan Slow Jigging rods take it to the next level. They are constructed of Nanlite Resin blanks with Toray T40 carbon fiber Multi Helix scrims that are very strong but feather light. Phenix has outfitted them with acid wrapped Fuji SiC K Frame guides that take pressure off the blank when you are fighting a big fish. They have a Fuji graphite reel seat and custom EVA grips. The actions on these rods is also special. While most Slow Pitch rods will bend all the way down to the foregrip, the Titan Slow Jigging locks down much sooner, resulting in a more comfortable fight. These rods are very sensitive and should be fished with braided fishing lines. While Phenix is targeting anglers who want to fish in the Slow Pitch or Long Fall styles, these rods are perfect for inshore jigging and bottom fishing. Fish a Phenix Titan Slow Jigging Casting Rod with a small, powerful conventional reel and take your fishing experience to the next level!

Phenix Titan Slow Jigging Casting Rods are available in six models in Slow Pitch and four models in Long Fall. They are gray.

Models: TJX-63UL, TJX-63ML, TJX-63MH, TJX-68L, TJX-68ML, TJX-68MH, TJX-L710L, TJX-L710ML, TJX-L710MH, TJX-L710H