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Point Jude Nautilus Lures

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Point Jude Nautilus Lures cast farther than just about any other tin on the market today – Totally aerodynamic design ensures the Nautilus will cut through Mother Nature’s breath like a hot knife through butter. A sharp keel makes the Nautilus dart all throughout the surf, enticing savage hits from ravenous stripers and bluefish. Like the Butterfish, the Nautilus Lures can be fished from both the surf and boat for a number of different species, including tuna, dorado, and amberjacks.

Point Jude Nautilus lures are adorned with beautiful striped bass pressed into the bottom side of the lure, making these the signature lure that Point Jude puts out. Available in a wind-shredding 2.5 and 3.5 oz sizes. 

Models: #27, #28


Color - Silver

Length - 4"

Weight (oz) - 2 1/2

Type - Metal Lure

Range (ft) - Unlimited