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Point Jude Jointed Sand Eel 2 1/2 oz Lures

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Point Jude Jointed Sand Eel lures are a unique, incredibly effective addition to your surf bag. Coming off one of the most intense sand eel bites in recent history, the Jointed Sand Eel was responsible for hundreds of bass caught all along the striper coast this past fall run. A jointed lure, the three sections wobble throughout the water column, and when dragged across the bottom, imitate a sand eel burrowing for safety – an instinctive reaction of a baitfish in distress.

Point Jude Jointed Sand Eel lures can be fished as either a 3 piece, 2 piece, or single piece lure – the three piece is obviously your best bet, especially when casting into a stiff headwind, which you usually encounter during the fall here in the northeast. The Point Jude Jointed Sand Eel Lures are 6 inches in length, weigh 2.6 oz, and come with a single siwash hook tied with white bucktail.

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