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Point Jude PoJee Lures

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Point Jude PoJee lures ingeniously imitate very slender profiled baitfish, like the sand-eel, anchovy or spearing. When thrown into the breeze, the Point Jude PoJee lure will split the wind with ax-like ferocity. Traditionally used along the striper coast for throwing at cow bass and chopper blues, the PoJee can also be used for casting at bonito, false albacore, and even schoolie tuna!

Point Jude PoJee lures are very similar in shape to your traditional diamond jig, but instead of a naked or tubed hook, the PoJee comes with a heavy duty siwash dressed with a white bucktail. The PoJee is available in 1.5 and 2.5 oz sizes. 

Models: #22, #23


Color - White

Length - 3 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/2

Type - Metal Lure

Range (ft) - Unlimited