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PowerPro Braided Spectra Line

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Power Pro Braided Spectra fishing line has singlehandedly changed the way the entire industry works! First introduced in the 1997, Power Pro Braided Spectra burst onto the scene! Anglers all over the world loved the increased sensitivity and feel you get with Power Pro, but more importantly the line can outcast standard monofilament by at least 50% (more in certain applications). Perhaps the most important feature of Power Pro, and the reason why the industry has had to actually adapt around it, is its insanely small diameter. You can fit up to three times as much of the same pound test Power Pro as you can regular monofilament – as a result, big game reels got smaller, spinning reels come with rubber backed spools to let braid get directly wrapped against them, and rods started being made with braid-proof guides.

Power Pro Braided Spectra is by a large margin the most popular line we sell, and the most popular line anybody sells. It’s available in white, yellow, green, and red and comes in pound test strengths ranging from 5 to 250#. 


Color - Green

Lb Test - 10

Diameter (in.) - .006

Approximate Mono Equivalent (lb) - 2

Length (yds) - 150