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PowerPro Hollow Ace Braided Superline

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Power Pro Hollow Ace braided spectra represents the culmination of years of trial and error at the hands of the engineers at Power Pro – this fishing line is simply amazing! Woven from an unheard of 16 different Spectra yarn fibers, the Hollow Ace retains strength better than any other hollow core line on the market. The same Enhanced Body Technology used to upgrade the Super 8 Slick ensures that the Hollow Ace has superior connection strength, making sure no slippage occurs when the line runs tight. Whether you’re running long wind-on leaders or simply prefer the most abrasion resistant braided line on the market, Hollow Ace is the way to go.

Power Pro Hollow Ace is available in blue, white, and yellow. It comes in strengths of 40#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 130#, and 200#.


Color - White

Lb Test - 80

Diameter (in.) - NA

Approximate Mono Equivalent (lb) - 18

Length (yds) - 3000