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PowerPro Maxcuatro Braided Line

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PowerPro Maxcuatro Braided Spectra Line is 25% thinner than regular PowerPro, while maintaining the same breaking strength. In the same way that the original PowerPro revolutionized fishing, Maxcuatro is the next step forward. With Maxcuatro you can fill a small reel with a lot of heavier lb test braid. More capacity allows you to target larger fish with a smaller, lighter reel. Thinner line also increases casting distance, so this is an excellent line to use on casting reels or surf fishing reels. Maxcuatro is a 4 weave of Honeywell Spectra HT fiber. It is extremely strong and tying knots with it is easy. If you want to get 500 yards of braid on a small reel, this is the line to get!

Power Pro Maxcuatro Braided Spectra Line comes in 50#, 65#, 80# and 100# test strengths. Choose from moss green and hi-vis yellow. We recommend buying Maxcuatro in 500 yard spools.

Models: PowerPro Maxcuatro


Color - Hi-Vis Yellow

Lb Test - 80 lb

Length (yds) - 500