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PRO-CURE Menhaden Super Gel

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PRO-CURE Menhaden Super Gel is a terrific fish attractant! Made from real fresh fish, this sticky gel is super powerful and is perfect for infusing fishing lures and soft plastics with a bunker scent that hungry fish cannot resist. PRO-CURE Menhaden Super Gel is the secret sauce a lot of YouTubers use to help them land more fish. EliasVFishing swears by the stuff. If you want to catch more fluke or striped bass, try adding some PRO-CURE Menhaden Super Gel to your artificial bait. It works wonders! 

PRO-CURE Menhaden Super Gel is available in 2 oz. bottles. This is the perfect Gulp alternative.

Models: G2-MEN


Color - Yellow/White

Gender - Male