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R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs

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Explore the Depths with R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs

Unleash the Power of Precision Fishing

Searching for the ultimate deep-sea fishing experience? Look no further than the R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs, where premium craftsmanship meets the challenge of extreme depths. Engineered with the avid angler in mind, there, the rigs are meticulously crafted to excel in the pursuit of elusive deep-water species like snappers, tilefish, and groupers.

Unrivaled Quality, Unmatched Performance

Crafted with precision using premium components, those rigs redefine the standards of deep-sea fishing. The monofilament leader is a testament to the commitment to quality, ensuring durability under extreme strain. The incorporation of premium quality circle hooks and terminal tackle sets the stage for a fishing experience like no other.

Tailored for Success

Each R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rig undergoes technical enhancements, building upon the globally trusted "tried and true" variation. The result? A rig designed not only to meet but exceed expectations, putting more trophy fish in the boat.

Versatility in Hook Sizes

Choose the perfect fit for a deep-sea expedition with a range of hook sizes. The 5/0, 7/0, and 8/0 models boast five hooks each, maximizing chances of a bountiful catch. The 10/0 model, with its four hooks, strikes a balance between power and precision.

Features that Set Them Apart

  • Strong and Corrosion-Resistant Circle Hooks: Those rigs are equipped with hooks that stand the test of both strength and corrosion, ensuring longevity in harsh marine environments.
  • Glow Sleeve Attraction: The inclusion of a glow sleeve adds a touch of innovation. Fish are drawn to the luminosity, increasing the likelihood of a successful hookset.
  • Breakaway Snap Swivel: Safety meets functionality with a breakaway snap swivel. Should the lead become entangled, the swivel opens, preventing potential snags and ensuring a smooth fishing experience.
  • Swiveled Hook for Precision: Experience fewer fish losses and twisted leaders with the swiveled hook design. It enhances control, making every moment count when battling the deep-sea giants.

Elevate a Deep-Sea Adventure with R&R Tackle

Don't settle for mediocrity when the depths call. Embrace the excellence of R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs – where innovation meets tradition, and every cast holds the promise of a thrilling underwater encounter.

Ready to gear up for success? Explore a Deep Drop Rigs catalog and discover why anglers worldwide trust R&R Tackle. For more fishing insights, check out the latest articles on the J&H Tackle blog.


Color - Glow

# of Hooks - 5

Hook Style - 5/0 Circle hook

Swivel Style - Breakaway snap swivel