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Rapala Husky Magnum

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Rapala Husky Magnum Lures are designed for high-speed trolling. These heavy-duty lures are constructed of durable plastic with a through wire, high-frequency rattle and an incredible holographic foil finish! The large lip on the Husky Magnum lets it run 25' deep. Rapala outfitted these lures with super strong 4X strong VMC perma steel treble hooks. They have been fully tested at speeds up to twelve knots. Next time you are on the troll for gamefish, put a Rapala Husky Magnum to work.

Rapala Husky Magnum Lures are available in four awesome colors! Choose from purple mackerel, sailfish UV, silver and wahoo UV.



Color - Purple Mackerel

Length - 6 1/4"

Weight (oz) - 2 3/8 oz

Type - Depth: 25'

Hook Size - Two No. 4/0