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Rapala Original Floater

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The Rapala Original Floater is still one of the most trusted baits on the market. Constructed of balsa wood with a realistic minnow profile, the Rapala Original Floater is extremely effective at hooking bass and other freshwater fish. It is a versatile hardbait that can be fished in many different ways. They come equipped with sharp VMC treble hooks and feature stainless through wire construction. If you've never fished a Rapala Original Floater, you're probably in the minority. Give one of these great lures a try. You'll catch more fish!

Rapala Original Floaters comes in several sizes and colors. 

Models: F03G, F03S, F05G, F05S, F07G, F07S


Color - Gold

Length - 1 1/2"

Weight (oz) - 1/16 oz

Type - Running Depth - 2' - 4'

Hook Size - Two No.12