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Hard Baits

Rapala Dives-To Crankbaits

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Embark on a thrilling fishing adventure with the Rapala Dives-To series! These lures are designed for anglers who aim to conquer the underwater realm. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned pro, the Dives-To series is engineered to enhance your fishing experience, offering precision, depth control, and unparalleled fish-attracting action. Let's dive into what makes these lures a must-have in your tackle box.

Targeted Depth Precision:

The standout feature of the Rapala Dives-To series is its incredible ability to reach specific depths with accuracy. The lure is designed to dive to a predetermined depth, enabling anglers to target fish precisely where they are feeding. This depth precision is invaluable for seeking out species in both shallow and deep waters, ensuring that your lure is right in the strike zone.

Versatile and Effective Action:

The Dives-To series showcases Rapala's expertise in lure design. With a range of sizes and colors, these lures exhibit a natural, enticing swimming action that mimics live bait, making them irresistible to a wide variety of fish species. Their versatility makes them ideal for different fishing environments, from clear lakes to murky rivers.

Durability and Reliability:

Crafted with Rapala's renowned attention to detail and quality, the Dives-To lures are built to last. They withstand the challenges of frequent use, maintaining their effectiveness and appeal, cast after cast.

The Rapala Dives-To series is not just another set of lures; it's a strategic tool for serious anglers. With their targeted depth precision, versatile action, and durable construction, these lures are bound to become a staple in your fishing adventures. Unleash the potential of your next fishing trip with the Rapala Dives-To and experience the thrill of fishing like never before!



Color - Smash

Length - 2"

Weight (oz) - 5/16 oz

Type - Diving

Hook Size - Two No. 6

Depth - 4'