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Rapala X-Rap Long Cast

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  • SoCal Surf

    By Dorian Ayala on 12/20/2016

    First time throwing this lure I landed some Calico and some YFC. It casts pretty well and swims great. The fish seem to like the action. Still waiting to see if thr Halibut like it or not. Great addition to my lure bag.

Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Plugs can be fished from the boat or the beach. Constructed of an x style translucent body, the X-Rap Long Cast features a lifelike finish, 3D eyes, heavy duty split rings and two VMC tin finish 4X single inline hooks. They are made for making long casts, and boy can these lures fly! The lip on the front of the plug makes it dive 4'-5'. You can fish Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Plugs with a slow or fast retrieve to change how it moves through the water. Throw in a pause and they will sink with a fluttering action. Fish these plugs for striped bass, snook, and other inshore saltwater species.

Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Plugs are available in two sizes and four terrific colors! Choose from albino shiner, blue sardine, olive green and silver. 



Color - Blue Sardine

Length - 4 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/4 oz

Type - Depth: 4'-5'

Hook Size - Two No. 3/0