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Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow

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Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow Plugs live up to their name. Cast them from a boat or the beach and watch them soar through the air! Unlike its X-Rap Long Cast brother, the Shallow has no diving lip and will not dive as deep. These plugs will stay closer to the surface, descending only 1'-2' when retrieved. Constructed of an x style translucent body, the Long Cast Shallow features a lifelike finish, 3D eyes, heavy duty split rings and two VMC tin finish 4X single inline hooks. Unlike many saltwater lures, Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow Plugs can be fished in very shallow water. They will sink and flutter on the way down. Add a pause for great effect! Fish these plugs for striped bass, snook, grouper, tarpon and other inshore saltwater species.

Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow Plugs are available in two sizes and four terrific colors! Choose from albino shiner, blue sardine, olive green and silver. 



Color - Mangrove Minnow

Length - 4 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 1 1/4 oz

Type - Depth: 1'-2'

Hook Size - Two No. 3/0