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Reins Ring Craw

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The Reins Ring Craw has all the characteristics you look for in a great crawfish imitation bait. The Ring Craw has a very soft, but durable wide body with thick ringed claws and multiple legs and antennae. This gives it a very natural look in the water and will attract fish through the entire strike zone. The Reins Ring Craw is infused with salt and shrimp scents that will drive nearby fish to strike! Rig them Texas or Carolina style, or use them on the back of a jig. If you're looking for a secret weapon creature bait, put a Reins Ring Craw on your hook. These Japanese designed baits deliver!

Reins Ring Craw baits are available in four colors in 3". Choose from black blue flake, BB craw, green pumpkin and watermelon seed. All colors work really well! Six baits per pack. Made in Japan.

Models: RNRC310-B22, RNRC310-022, RNRC310-002, RNRC310-001


Color - BB Craw

Size (in.) - 3"

Pieces - 6

Hook - None