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Soft Plastics

Reins Bubbling Shaker

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The Reins Bubbling Shaker is one of those secret baits that no one talks about but absolutely crushes fish! Your fishing buddies will be catching fish after fish with these worms but they won't tell you or anyone else about it. If you've come to this page you've stumbled on a winner bait. Constructed of super soft plastic the Bubbling Shaker is a ribbed worm that has an incredibly natural action in the water. The unique bubble pin tail attracts nearby bait fish to pick at it and then the big bass come to see what's going on. Infused with salt and shrimp scents, the bass don't have a chance! The Japanese keep innovating with their soft plastics and the Reins Bubbling Shaker will take your finesse fishing to the next level! Shhh! It's a secret. 

Reins Bubbling Shaker baits are available in 4" and 5" lengths. Choose from Baitfish SP, Blue Gill, Green Pumpkin, Margarita Mutilator and Watermelon Seed. Made in Japan. The 4" models come 8 to a pack while the 5" models come 7 to a pack.

Models: 4BS006, 4BS013, 4BS002, 4BSB72, 4BSA07, 4BS001, 5BS006, 5BS013, 5BS002, 5BSB72, 5BSA07, 5BS001


Color - Baitfish SP

Size (in.) - 4"

Pieces - 8

Hook - No