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Soft Plastics

RonZ Original Series Rigged Soft Baits

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RonZ returns with the RonZ Original Series Rigged Soft Baits. These soft plastic fishing lures come with a tin head. They are infused with fish oil that makes it irresistible to several species of fish. Like all good lures, the RonZ original imitates the motion of baitfish swimming in the water. They come equipped with super shark high quality hooks so when that fish big bites, you won't lose it! If you enjoy fishing with artificials but have never tried a RonZ, then you are missing out. Pick up a RonZ Original Series Lure and go out there and catch some fish!

RonZ Original Series Rigged Soft Baits are available in several sizes and colors. Choose from Green Glow, Pink Fluoroescent, Sanddel and White Pearl. There is definitely one to meet your needs!

Models: 4" Original 1/4 oz, 6" Original 5/8 oz, 8" Original 1 oz, 8" Original 1 1/2 oz, 8" Original 2 oz


Color - White Pearl

Head Weight (oz.) - 3/16

Casting Weight (oz.) - 1/4

Tail Size - 4

Hook Size - 1/0