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Soft Plastics

RonZ Replacement Tails

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RonZ Replacement Tails are perfect for when the tail on your RonZ soft bait has taken too many bites from big fish! These soft baits are infused with fish oil and are great at attracting a wide variety of fish. The realistic tail flutters to the water imitating bait fish. Use these soft baits on RonZ jig heads, or any other jig head. They will give you an advantage over other soft baits. RonZ Replacement Tails are really great! Pick up a pack and go catch some fish!

RonZ Replacement Tails for RonZ Soft Baits are available in 10" in four proven colors. Choose from Olive Metallic, Pink, Silver Metallic and White Pearl.

Models: 10"


Color - Pink Flourescent

Size - 6"