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Soft Plastics

RonZ Z-Fin Paddletail

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RonZ lures are extremely popular so it only made sense for them to come out with a paddletail verison of their popular Original Series. The Z-Fin Paddletail features the same great lead head with a smartly designed paddletail. The body is durable and the tail has good motion in the water. RonZ has added extra details including small fins, scales and even laterla lines. The heads are great with 3D eyes and strong, sharp hooks. If you like throwing paddletails or other soft plastics, you should try a RonZ Z-Fin Paddletail. 

RonZ Z-Fin Paddletails are availble in 5" and 6" versions. The 5" weighs 1.5 ozs while the 6" weighs 3.5 ozs. They come rigged with an extra body in the package. Choose from Pearl/Chartreuse, Sandeel and White.

Models: ZF801, ZF3X103