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Savage Gear Real Eel

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The Savage Gear Reel Eel is an incredibly realistic bait. If you are looking for a bait that can imitate a big eel, this is it. Savage did a real 3D scan of an eel to get the proportions exactly right and a tail that undulates through the water. The results are a bait that swims extremely well and will entice hungry striped bass to hit it. Savage Gear Reel Eels are pre-rigged with a sharp j-hook on top and a sticky treble on a split ring underneath. You can remove the treble and fish just the single hook if you choose. If you love catching striped bass from a boat or the beach, try throwing this slow singing eel. You are going to be very happy with the results!

Savage Gear Reel Eels are 12" in length and weight 2 3/4 oz. Choose from Blue Back Pearl and Olive Brown Pearl. Both colors work great!

Models: RE-R300-BGP, RE-R300-OBP


Color - Black Green Pearl

Size (in.) - 12

Weight (oz) - 2 3/4

Pieces - 1

Hook - J-Hook and Treble