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Savage Gear Bluegill

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Savage Gear Bluegill Lures are incredibly realistic and big bass find them irresistible! Designed using a 3D scan of a real bluegill, these swimbaits have an incredibly realistic swimming action. The 5" bait has two treble hooks and the 7" bait has a single treble on the bottom. Bass will crush these slow sink swimbaits when bluegills are spawning. Similar lures sell for more than twice the price! You cannot beat the combination of price and quality when it comes to Savage Gear Bluegills. Get one and go catch some fish!

Savage Gear Bluegills are available in 5" and 7" models. The color is light gill.

Models: BSS-125-LG, BSS150-LG


Color - Light Gill

Length - 5"

Weight (oz) - 2

Type - Slow Sink