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Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Heads

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  • Very Strong

    By Darren Ash on 3/23/2024

    I use these all the time up here in Alaska. Last summer I pulled a 114lb halibut up on one while fishing for Lingcod, they’re built very tough.

Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Heads were designed to go with Savage Gear Sandeels. Makes perfect sense. The two are a perfect match and work well together. These jig heads feature a realistic head shape with a heavy design and realistic eyes. The have a Japanese forged round bend hook that is very strong and won't straighten out, even when you are fighting a big striped bass or other game fish. If you want a high end jig head for your soft plastics, try a Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Head.

Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Heads come three to a pack and are unpainted.

Models: SEJ-6/0-42


Color - Unpainted

Pieces - 3

Hook Size - 6/0

Weight - 1 1/2