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Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side Jigs

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Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side Jigs have gotten a refresh for 2016! These popular vertical jigs come in all new colors and come standard with an assist hook. If you are jigging for tuna, you will want to have one of these jigs at the end of your line! Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side Jigs have an asymmetrical 3-D design with a half-mirror finish that throws off a lot of light. The rear/center balance of the jig makes it ideal in angle vertical fishing situations. These jigs fall to the bottom very quickly and when jigged, move through the water imitating a bait fish. Use them when jigging in deep water.

The 2016 Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side Jigs are available in six sizes/weights and eight awesome colors. There are even a few models with glow in the dark finishes. They come rigged. The 112g and 140g models have a 5/0 hook. The 160g and 224g models have a 7/0 hook. The 280g and 325g models have an 8/0 hook.



Color - Blue Sardine

Length - 4 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 112 g / 4

Type - Vertical Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited