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Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs

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Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs were designed to catch a wide variety of saltwater species. Most anglers fish them for tuna but now more and more are using them to jig for sea bass and other species. The Shimano Flat Fall Jig Is center balanced and will wobble through the water when falling. Unlike other Butterfly Jigs, the Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jig comes equipped with two Owner dancing stinger assist hooks. The finish on these lures is absolutely stunning and does a great job of attracting big fish! If you are jigging for tuna or other fish, definitely give a Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs a try. Buy a few and take them on your next fishing trip. You will love the results!

Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs are available in six sixes in eight great colors. Choose from Black Anchovy, Blue Sardine, Chartreuse/White, Green Silver, Pink/Blue, Purple Silver, Super Glow and Zebra Glow.

Models: BFLFF080, BFLFF100, BFLFF130, BFLFF160,BFLFF200, BFLFF250


Color - Black/Anchovy

Length - 4 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 2 3/4

Type - Vertical Jig

Range (ft) - Unlimited