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Shimano Grappler Type J Jigging Casting Rods

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Shimano Grappler Type J Jigging Casting Rods are designed for high performance jigging. Shimano has poured their most advanced blank technology Spiral X and Hi-Power X into these rods. This lead to rods that are lightweight, powerful, sensitive, physically strong and eliminates rod twist. Fishing a Grappler Type J is going to allow you to fish longer with less fatigue and also land more fish. The Grappler Type J are top of the line vertical jig style rods. You are going to use them with Butterfly Jigs and other vertical jigs to catch big saltwater fish. They feature Fuji Alconite Guides with a SiC tip top and custom EVA grips. Shimano has outfitted the heavier models with rubber or aluminum gimbals. If you love fishing Shimano rods, buy a Shimano Grappler Type J Jigging Casting Rod for your next jigging trip. They are going to give you a really great experience on the water!

Shimano Grappler Type J Jigging Casting Rods are available in eight great models. They are grey and have a cool Japanese look to them with the crisscross markings on the blank. Pair it with your favorite conventional jigging reel and go catch some fish. Don't forget to send us your fish pics!